Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: Links in Comments

 Following my tutorial on including a link above the comment section of your blog, several people asked me whether it was possible to leave a link in a comment in Blogger.

Here's how you can include a link in a Blogger comment:
  1. In the comment box, copy paste the following code: 

     2.   Replace the words YOURURLHERE in the above code with your URL. Don't remove the quotation marks!
     3.   Replace the words WHAT YOU WANT YOUR LINK TO SAY in the above code with whatever you want your link to say. :)
Note: You can write  before and after the code in your comment as your normally would.

For example, if I wrote:
Come visit <a href="http://customized-designs.blogspot.com/">Custom Scrapbook Blog Designs</a>!

that would appear as the following comment after I posted it:
Come visit Custom Scrapbook Blog Designs!

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