Thursday, February 25, 2010


How much do you charge?
You can request a free quote by clicking here.

I don't like any of the kits you link to. Can you use one that I found on a different website?
The answer to this question will vary depending on a) the website where the kit is available for purchase and b) the designer that created the digital scrapbook kit (the latter being more important). All of the links to scrapbook kits that I have listed on my Digital Scrapbook Kits page are made by various graphic designers for which I have personally contacted and asked for permission to use their products.

Who pays for the digital scrapbook kits you use to make the layouts - you (the designer) or me (the customer)?
You (the customer) pay for the digital kits. The price of the digital kit you choose will be added on to your invoice. 

I’ve seen websites with cartoon-like image(s) in their header/layout. Can you incorporate that into my design? 
The cartoon-like image, also known as a vector illustration, is a graphic that you can pay to download from stock images sites like If you find an image on that you would like me to use for your header, the cost will be generally around $1.50 per credit (most cost $10 – $20). If you are willing to pay for the download of a graphic to be used on a header, then I will gladly use the graphic in the header.

I also know a person who can draw them for you, but that will come at an extra cost to you (whatever the illustrator charges).

Will you save my files for me for future changes? I may want to update a picture in the future but not change the whole design.
For a low fee of $5, I will gladly hold onto your files for you. You must let me know if you would like this option at the time you place the order.

If you have other questions, leave a comment here, email me at customsbdesigns [at] gmail [dot] com or use the Contact page.


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