Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: How to Schedule Posts

Want your posts to be published at a certain time or date in Blogger? Blogger lets you schedule in advance when you want your post(s) to be published on your blog (at a certain date and time) instead of having to go in and post it manually.

Here's how you can do that easily in Blogger:
  1. After you have created a post, click on Post Options below (right above the Publish Post button in orange).
  2. Under Post date and time on the right side, choose Scheduled at (it should currently be on Automatic).
  3. Right below it, there should now be two boxes. In the top box, enter the date you want your post to be published on. In the second box, type in the time you want your blog post published.
  4. Click Publish Post. Your post will now be published at the time and date you chose.
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