Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tutorial Thursday: Downloading Your Blogger Template

Ever wanted to play around with the template of your blog in Blogger but you were worried you would "ruin" your blog? Here's how you can download your Blogger template so that if something does go wrong in the process, you can just as easily revert back to your original template.

In general, it's always a good idea to back up your blog before you try and mess with the HTML coding on your blog.

Here's how:
  1. Go to the Design view of your blog (top right corner).
  2. Then click Edit Html (next to Page Elements in the navigation bar).
  3. Once that link opens, right under Backup/ Restore Template, you'll see Download Full Template. Click that. 
  4. Save it somewhere easily accessible in case you need to reinstall again.

If you need to reinstall a saved template,
  1. Right under where you clicked the Download Full Template, you'll see "Upload a template from a file on your hard drive". Click the Choose File button next to it and browse and open a saved template from your computer. 
  2. Click the Upload button on the right.

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