Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: How to Start a Blog in Blogger

I've come across several people lately who were trying to figure out how to create a free blog in Blogger, so I thought I would write a quick and easy tutorial.

Here's how you can start a blog in Blogger.
  1. Go to Blogger's home page and login.
  2. Once you login, you should be in a page called Dashboard. If you aren't, from the top right corner just click Dashboard.
  3. Under Manage Blogs, you'll see Create a Blog on the the right side. Click that.
  4. Now you can start setting up your blog. You should be on a page that says 'Name Your Blog'. Fill out what you what your blog to be called, the URL and the word verification on this page. Then click the Continue button.
  5. Choose a template for your blog.
  6. Start blogging!

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